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Services rendered:

Sales of firearms & accessories

Sales of camping equipment

Sales of fishing equipment

Sales of knives

Sales of hunting gear & clothes

Repair for all firearms

Firearm training

Firearm competency

Self defense training



We as an outdoors company would like to see each person – especially the younger generation to become less attached to technology and rather enjoy nature and fresh air.

Spending time with your family whether it is on a camping or hunting trip or simply enjoying nature with a fishing trip is priceless time that can not be replaced.

We would also like to see more people getting involved with firearms and learning to shoot whether it is for self defense, hunting or sport shooting events.


Our mission is to satisfy each and every individual that we meet and to deliver the best quality of products and services possible.

We as a company look forward to opening more branches to reach people far and wide to bring our products and services to them at the best prices. 

To teach more people on how to use a firearm and the safety of using a firearm so that less people get hurt for not understanding on how to use a firearm.

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